Friday, August 27, 2010


Hey all, Dirt here.
My blog is here for you to tell me how ok it will be.
I am married, I have a 2 month old son, We have been homeless ever since he was born.

In August of 2009, life was good, I had an apartment and a nice job, then that job was bough tout and everybody lost jobs.

So we moved out of there and into a friend's house. Found out the wife got preggo a WEEK after we got married (We wanted to wait 5-10 years), and the people we were living with didn't wanta  baby in the house, so in June when Cal was born, we got kicked out.

We stayed in a homeless shelter (the only one that houses familys) for a month, but had to leave because a 13 year old girl who moved in was obsessed with horribl;e things like 'talking to me' and 'being friendly', so in order to cover their legal asses, we had to leave. THANKFULLY, a woman named Lydia we had met through a friend ONCE let us stay in the room her roomate uses while her roomie is off interning at Disneyland.

THEN, her landlord says since she has extra tenants her rent must go up. She can't have that, i still have not found a job (lots of interviews), and we need to be out by the 1st. In 4 days. My family refuses to help, her's live in Nevada, we have $0 to our name and nothing we can do.


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